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Few Safety Tips To Be Considered While Travelling To London

London is generally a safe city to visit and thousands of tourists come every year to this ultimate tourist destination, however being a first timer you may not be aware of certain things as far as your safety is concerned. One should always avoid putting himself in any unnecessary danger; however here are some ways to avoid that by following certain safety measures.

London Travel Safety Tips:
Avoid walking on the streets at night. Keep your walks limited to well lit main roads
Even if you are walking, make sure that you are around your London accommodation
Stay alert of the things going around you
Avoid wearing headphones while you are out of your hotel as it reduces the awareness of your surroundings

Safety Instructions in Public Transport:
If you are a first timer, plan your route well before you leave. A transport map of London is a must while you are travelling
Use registered mini cabs or black cabs only
How to Keep Your Belongings Safe:
Dont carry too much cash in your pocket while going out and make sure that your purse or wallet is close to your body
You should not leave your bag unattended as it can lead to security alert
Take necessary precautions while withdrawing cash from the cash points. Check that no one is looking at you while you are punching in your PIN.

Safety at Bars and Restaurants:
Bars and Restaurants are also one of the places where you should be a bit careful as you never know what you may have to face. So, here are few tips which one must even follow if you have to stay safe in Londons bars and restaurants.
Keep your belongings safe:
Use Chelsea clips if there are to secure your bags under the table
A drink from a stranger is a big No No
Dont leave your drink or food stuff unattended
Look out for your friends or family and dont let anyone be alone

Medical Facilities in London:
The capital city is an international medical centre with wide varieties of hospitals available. Moreover, there are hospitals providing specialised services and many also have intensive care facilities.
If you are travelling for the first time or even of you are a regular visitor, you should be well aware of the emergency call numbers. In genuine medical emergency you can call 999 or 112 for an ambulance.