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For Excellent Training In Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. In India too tourism business is growing with more airlines operating flights within the country and more international carriers operating into India. Growth in travel & tourism leads to development of infrastructure such as roads, hotels and transport facilities and it results in all round economic growth of the country.

A growing industry also needs trained staff to handle the increase volume of traffic. Akbar Academy was established in the year 2003 by Akbar Travels of India, India”s No.1 Travel Company, to meet the growing demand for trained personnel in the tourism and travel industry. There is a great demand for Airline courses and tourism training. There are 12 Academy Centers around India, offering a wide variety of IATA-UFTAA courses and short term diploma courses to suit the students” requirement. The courses train the students and work in all segments of the industry such as Airlines, CRS systems, Travel Agencies, Airports, Tour Operators
IATA Courses

International Air Transport Association has developed courses in many levels to train the students in travel & tourism. Akbar Academy is an award winning IATA Training centre offering various courses. The IATA-UFTAA Foundation course is the 1st course in this ladder. After completing this course, the student can prepare for the 2nd course IATA-UFTAA Consultant course. IATA GDS Ticketing course is another of the IATA travel course. Most of Akbar Academy Centers include these courses in their curriculum. The IATA Diploma course is internationally recognized and students seeking employment abroad prefer this course.

FIATA Courses

Increase in travel also leads to growth in cargo business. Akbar Academy centers also offer the FIATA Courses as follows:
1.FIATA Cargo Introductory Course
2.FIATA Cargo Rating
3.Dangerous Goods Handling

CRS Training

Travel industry being in the forefront of technological advancement, Reservations and Ticketing have been automated and gds (global distribution systems) are universally used by Travel Agents. In India Amadeus, Galileo and Abacus systems are present in the agency office. Akbar Academy has entered into agreement with these gds systems to provide reservation training such as Galileo course, Abacus course and Amadeus course to our students on these systems.

Practical experience

Akbar Travels of India with its 100 plus offices in India, catering to passenger and cargo business offers a very good opportunity to the staff to gain hands-on training. While on training at Akbar Travels of India office, the student is exposed to all types of business and gains confidence in working under all conditions.

Get trained by experts!

In addition to classroom training on various topics, the students are given guest lectures by industry experts. This increases their knowledge and skill in the industry. Tourism Departments of various countries visit the Academy centers regularly to give destination training to the students. Various department heads handling car rental, holiday travel, foreign exchange and visa services visit the Academy and share their knowledge and experience.