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Travelling With Children Accommodation

What does family friendly mean when it comes to accommodation in Newry? It means that the accommodation welcomes children and offers features which make travelling with young ones easier, such as cots and high chairs in the room, amenities within walking distance, and safe areas for children to play. Here are a few examples of family-friendly accommodation Newry for your next holiday:

Ashdene House Newry

Ashdene House Newry is a very large bed and breakfast located within the Windsor Avenue area of the City. It is convenient for families travelling with children as it is within easy walking distance of all of the amenities you might need, all located within the city centre. The atmosphere here is very warm and your family will feel welcomed and looked after. Ashdene House Newry caters to families with small children by offering the use of a cot and a high chair in the room. There are also facilities for making tea in the bedroom, which means that you dont have to leave the room for a nice cup of tea if you dont want to leave the children alone while they are sleeping. The private garden for guest use is a great place for little ones to play.

Mourne Diver B&B Newry

This bed and breakfast accommodation in Newry has only been open for a short period of time, but it is already a very popular holiday destination for families. Mourne Drive B&B Newry is a deluxe two bedroom B&B which is located right on the main road from Newry to Newcastle. It is situated within walking distance to the city centre, and is also a short drive away from many child friendly attractions in the area. Mourne Drive B&B Newry offers the use of a cot for your young children, and also has a television in the bedroom to entertain the little ones while mom and dad plan an exciting day exploring Northern Ireland!

Roosley Cottage

This two-storey cottage is located on the premises of Lecale Cottages, just outside of Newry. It has enough room for 4-5 people and has beautiful views of the Mourne Mountains. The advantage of staying in self-catering Newry Accommodation when you are travelling with children is that your young and sometimes fussy eaters dont have to fidget in a restaurant every night when they wait for their meal. You can cook your favourite family meals while on holiday, and save some money by doing this as well! This cottage is also great for kids because it has a playground on the site where your little ones can run and play.

These are just a few of the different types of accommodation in Newry which are suitable for families travelling with young children. Why not plan a holiday with your family to this beautiful town in Northern Ireland this season?

Here are a few examples of family friendly accommodation in Newry for when you are visiting this lovely city with your children.