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Pet Etiquette And Tips When Staying At Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

pet vacation photoMore families are choosing to vacation with their pets in pet friendly vacation rentals. Vacation rentals offer all the comforts of home and are a destination in and of themselves. They range from secluded mountain homes to tropical beach houses, from quaint, little bungalows to 4,000 square foot log cabins!

However, one thing they all have in common is that the vacation home owners have opened up their homes to you and your pet so it is important to follow their specific pet “house rules.” In addition to the house rules, there are some additional tips to ensure that you and your pet are welcome to come back!

– Do not allow pets on furniture and beds. On the rare occasion that the vacation rental does allow pets on furniture, be sure to cover any furniture your pet will be allowed on.

– Avoid leaving your pet alone for a prolonged period of time. Even the best-behaved pets can bark and become destructive when in a new environment. For short outings, it may help to put the TV or radio on to keep your pet comfortable. If your pet is crate trained, bring their crate along to let them in while you’re out.

– If your plans require you to be out for a longer period of time, inquire about local pet sitters or pet day care.

– Always keep your pet on a leash unless laws permit otherwise.

– Always clean up after your pet after bathroom runs.

– Place litter boxes in the bathroom to make clean up easier.

– Do not allow your wet and dirty pet in the home. If out hiking or swimming, be sure to rinse your pet off and dry them prior to letting them inside. Wet dogs don’t smell so good!

– Bring old towels to clean and dry your pet off with.

– Be sure that your pet is flea and tick free. Treat your pet with flea and tick prevention prior to arrival.

– Clean start. It’s a good idea to make sure that fido and fluffy are clean and fresh before they start sprawling on the vacation rental carpets.

– Make your pet feel at home by bringing their bed and favorite toys.

– Take “ruff-housing” outside.

Vacation rentals are wonderful options for vacationing with the family, including fido and fluffy. Following these simple guidelines will help to ensure a happy and safe stay with your pet…and also ensure that you and your four-legged family member are welcomed back!

Do Your Hotel Reservations Online?

There is absolutely no dearth of information on how to make a hotel reservation today. In spite of this, why is it that we do sometimes get into a fix trying to make a reservation in a hotel. If there is one thing that we tend to do is, waiting till the last moment to make a reservation. There will be people who tell you that if they were aware of the fact that they had to reach a particular place, they would have made the reservation early enough. This is not always possible and that is why we end up reaching the doors of a hotel, only to find that a room is not available, because prior reservation was not done.

There are a few points that need to be kept in mind if you want a proper and confirmed reservation to be made every time you need to travel and stay in a hotel. Some of them are:

  • Try to plan your trip as much in advance as possible.
  • Give yourself a few options when it comes to dates, this way you might be able to find more than one option when you are looking for suitable accommodation.
  • If you are too busy to check things for yourself, you could get one of your staff to it. This would be possible if you were in a position of authority. If on the other hand, this was not possible, it would be good for you to take some time off and check for yourself, the details about the hotel that you intend to reserve a room in.
  • If you are not familiar with the place that you are going to, you need to find out where exactly the hotel is located. In fact, it would be better if you knew how far the hotel is from the airport or station.
  • It would help if you got to know what other special facilities, the hotel has on offer. For instance, if the hotel has a gym, or a pool table, you know that after you have finished your days work, you can unwind and really relax. This could be a good way to relax, even while you work.

Whatever be the parameters that we try to set, we always to tend to think or rather take a hotel for granted. This is probably the chief reason why we are not able to plan our reservations as they should be planned.

If you are not a business person, and you wanted to stay in a hotel, while on holiday, then you need to look at making reservations from a totally different angle. Here the emphasis would be on comfort and extras a hotel where you could do more than just stay. For instance, if you were traveling to Thailand, on a holiday, you would want to do much more than just sit in your room. Planning and making necessary reservations become even more important when you are on holiday.

Best Beaches In Cape Town

cape town beach photoThe Western Cape has developed quite a reputation for having some of the world’s best beaches. Cape Town has an incredible range of diverse settings, marine life and beautifully maintained beaches make this stretch of coast a favourite amongst local and international tourists alike for beach adventure holidays.

The cold Atlantic Ocean meets with the warm Indian Ocean along the Whale Coastline (named as such due to the Southern Right Whales which migrate to these waters during spring to mate and calve) which creates a rare marine ecosystem. A diverse population of marine animals makes the Cape Coast famous for the mixture of creatures associated with cold and warm seas. Penguins, Great White Sharks, Southern Right Whales, Cape Fur Seals and other creatures make these waters their home.

Different beaches are favoured and frequented for different reasons. Some beaches provide a long stretch of soft sand, perfect for long walks along the shore; others are situated amongst amazing scenery such as panoramic mountains and jagged coves. For the young and trendy there are beaches with a vibrant social setting whilst others are in remote locations, far from the hectic life found in the cities.

Best Beach for Whale Watching
The town of Pearly Beach in the Walker Bay area has a beach of the same name. The start of the beach begins with rock pools in which fishermen catch various fish and crustaceans. Yet after the rock pools the beach is transformed into a long stretch of silver sand which is a perfect spot for long walks.

Long walks along Pearly Beach are complimented by possibly the best land-based whale watching spots. During spring, the Southern Right Whales are visible from the beach, performing various acrobatic and playful acts such as lob-tailing, tail slapping and sailing’ which involves them raising their tail to allow the wind to transport them. These playful behaviours are easily observable from the beach and are the perfect addition to make a long beach walk a truly magnificent one.

Dyer Island is very close to Pearly Beach and is a prime area to experience Great White Sharks, Cape Fur Seals and African Penguins, whether on a chartered boat cruise or shark cage diving. This exciting sport involves observing great white sharks in their natural habitat from inside the safety of a cage attached to the charter boat. Pearly Beach is also a short distance from De Kelders, a magnificent set of caves on the sea shore.

Best Family Beach
cape town beach photoHermanus has a variety of beaches, but Grotto Beach is one with a difference: It is the largest beach in Hermanus and stretches for kilometres. This makes Grotto Beach a perfect spot for families to find a spacious location to relax on the sand. There are braai (BBQ) facilities, lots of parking, as well as a play park and ample beach for the whole family, including dogs, to have fun.

The beach is extremely well maintained and has won numerous awards for its cleanliness and facilities. Parents can relax without worrying about their children treading on glass or other foreign objects which could cause harm. The beach is a blue flag’ beach, meaning that it is well-serviced and maintained to a high standard.

Grotto Beach is situated in Hermanus which is a perfect place for a family to enjoy some recreational fun. Fresh seafood, incredible whale watching opportunities, craft markets, hikes and many other interesting family activities are available in Hermanus and in the vicinity of Grotto Beach.

Best Beach for an Unusual Setting
Boulders Beach is a small secluded beach amongst a cove of magnificent rocks and boulders in Simon’s Town and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. The beach is populated by a large colony of African Penguins, who are monitored and protected by the park after becoming endangered.

The path leading down to the beach runs through bush and foliage amidst which the penguins lay eggs. The small black and white birds are generally relaxed and calm despite the presence of humans, and it is against the rules of the beach to touch them or disturb their nests. Often when people try and touch them they can deliver a nasty bite, so it is advisable to stick to the rules.

The water in Boulders Beach is clear and the beach is pristine and kept extremely clean due to it being part of a national park. There is a small fee to obtain access to the beach but this is worth every cent as one gets to sit on a beach which has nature at its best as a surrounding.

Best Beach for the Young and Stylish
Camps Bay Beach and Clifton First, Second, Third and Fourth Beaches are a highly popular spot for the young and trendy as well as the rich and famous in Cape Town. Many film and magazine shoots are produced on the white beaches which feature palm trees, sun loungers and volleyball courts alongside the bright blue waters.

Camps Bay is a suburb of Cape Town and has many upmarket clubs and restaurants on the ‘strip’ which runs past the beach.

The beach is generally busy with visitors and locals. The water is extremely cold though, due to Camps Bay being on the Atlantic side of the Cape Peninsula, yet many people do swim. The area also offers boutique shopping and the basic shopping necessities such as a chemist, supermarket and banks. Camps Bay and Clifton Beaches are close to the centre of Cape Town and easy to reach from the CBD and Southern Suburbs.

These beaches are truly some of the best beaches in Cape Town and are highly regarded around the world. Beach adventure holidays are a fun and exhilarating way to spend time as a family and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Have a Great Vacation with the Best Boat and Yacht Rentals Service in Miami

Boat Rentals Service for your Dream Vacation

Do you more often imagine spending your holiday in Miami, Florida with the best sailing or cruising options? You can consider the vacation rentals in Miami companies that are helping people to enjoy the beautiful sea waves and other maritime activities in the Caribbean Sea, Biscayne Bay, Bahamas, Florida Keys and Miami’s Tropical Island and the South Florida. They offer a wide array of boat charters and yacht charters with the most desirable features of reliability, safety, flexibility and performance. These vessels are perfect for enjoying the thrill of wake skiing, water skiing, banana boat riding or wakeboarding. Some of the dedicated boat or yacht rentals companies are ready to serve your luxurious vacation dream with the best comfort and safety. So, choose the best among them and use it for having amazing views, fun adventures, private vacations or memorable moments on a yacht or boat of your choice. Luxury Rentals Option for General and Special Occasions

The boat rental companies give exclusive options to help you celebrate every general and special occasion. They offer many beautifully engineered vessels including power boats, party boats, standard yachts and jumbo yachts on rent for private parties and group celebrations. For instance some Miami boat rentals provide support for water sports activities including swimming and fishing, whereas some others have specially arranged vessels for people who want to organize birthdays, business events, weddings, annual functions or New Year parties on oceans or seas. The unique and timely service of these vacation rental service providers has satisfied travelers all across the world. You can book the Yacht or boat rentals service for as many as four hundred people and get the facility of catering and bar. Don’t worry as it is an affordable option to give your family, friends or associates an unforgettable cruise experience.

Miami Boat Rentals for Unexpected Benefits

The boat rental companies don’t just provide finely designed and super safe marine vessels at affordable rates but also the best possible support and maintenance for a wholesome sailing experience. There are few other advantages that make these companies a top notch choice for marine vacationers. They are as follows:

No maintenance cost of boats/yacht on rent: Whatever may be vessel you are taking on rent, it is personally owned by the boat rental company. So, you will be free from any kind of maintenance that the boat needs to look and function well. The company will look after the vessel and charge you for rental service and not for fueling or maintenance.

A large fleet of vessels to choose from: The vacation rentals service providers in Miami or any other popular city location in the USA give you the option to pick up from a large fleet of marine vessels. You can estimate your budget and select the boat or yacht of your own choice. Since different vehicles have different features, you are required to know the features of your desired one and learn how to manage it, especially if you have not rented it before. Affordable rental price: With yacht or boat rentals services, you can have reliable boats with fantastic features at extremely affordable rates and save yourself from the cost of purchasing a boat. In addition to this, you can avoid other additional expenses like repair and maintenance of your boat.

If you don’t have any idea on how to spend less on your marine vacation and have the best experience, then boat rentals companies in Miami have great options. They can give you the satisfaction you are expecting in your next USA vacation.

Creative Summer Vacation Ideas

summer vacation photoSummer is a time to unwind, a time to relax, and a time to enjoy leisure activities with familybut for many of us, it is also a time to save money as best as possible. Summer vacations can be draining on the wallet, which is why more and more families are looking for vacation ideas that aren’t just fun, but are creative, as wellcost-effective breaks from the usual “touristy” stuff. And to be sure, you can create memories together as a family while cutting out unnecessary spendingand some of these creative ideas might be so off-the-beaten-path that they will end up wowing your kids as much as any traditional vacation model ever could!

One way to creatively save a few bucks is to come up with some alternative sources for meals. Consider, just for starters, the idea of a family picnic. This is especially effective for days spent at an amusement park, or in the midst of a particularly “touristy” area of town where there is nothing to eat but overpriced fast food. Packing luncheswith items from the local supermarketcan dramatically cut costs, and be a lot of fun, too. Consider also heading to the market for an array of do-it-yourself snacks and room-service items for in the hotel room.

Of course, there are other ways to save money and still have a great vacation, ways that have nothing to do with food. An obviousbut surprisingly overlookedstrategy is to choose activities that don’t cost anything. Amusement parks and the like can be amazingly costly, but spending an afternoon at a children’s museum may not cost much at all, and can be just as funas well as educational! Additionally, you might spend some time at a local park. And of course, there’s always the beach!

And of course, there is a great deal of money to be saved simply by planning things in advanced. If you plan on visiting a resort, consider going during the off-season; you’ll end up saving a bundle of money! Look for discounts on hotels or airfare on Facebook. Plan activities and events with your children ahead of time; if you buy tickets early, you can often get seriously discounted rates.

A final suggestion for family vacationers who want to save money and do something a little different is to consider making it a staycation, either by renting local lodging or even staying at home. You’ll cut out the cost of travelof airline tickets or gasand you can still have a lot of fun. Take it as an opportunity to watch movies, read books, or play games together as a familyor to enjoy the local attractions of your hometown, all from the standpoint of a tourist! This is an increasingly popular way to enjoy creative vacationingmaking fond family memories and saving big bucks in the process.

Florida Luxury Home Vacation

Whether you are thinking of your favorite beach spot in Europe, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Caribbean, or South America, you can’t leave the possibility of a great luxury rental vacation. Let the magic of luxury unfold upon you this time to make your holiday unforgettable. Give yourself an opportunity to take pleasure in some of the most sprawling villas that are waiting to serve their best to you!

What about a Florida Luxury Home vacation or a Caribbean luxury vacation? From isolated seaside shores to graceful hilltop holiday home overlooking the ocean, a luxury rental vacation just might be the finest escape route you could ever take from the rush of the city life. Just imagine yourself lying down in your own private vacation condo rental instead of a motel. You can relax and enjoy the infinite potentials with an exclusive home luxury vacation.

A Florida Home Luxury vacation can make you feel like a local. Enjoy the beautiful community on the south beach or feel the quietness of the Florida Keys. Rock yourself with the salsa group and try your hand at fishing in the clear waters of the Sanibel Island while your stay at the Luxury Rental vacation.

Pamper yourself in the sunshine while sitting your private beach in your Florida Home Luxury Vacation Villa! There are a host of other activities for you to indulge in kayaking, surfing, biking, swimming and yachtingjust to mention a few of them. You can enjoy these within your own spacious and huge private family luxury vacation home which is no less than a castle in itself!

A Florida Home Luxury vacation is one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide. They come to enjoy the beauty of the city while taking pleasure in their private homes. It is the perfect beach vacation spot around the world. Try out a family friendly Florida vacation or grab a house to rent on a leisurely beach at the Palm Coast, where the fish are always biting! Check out all these and more only at Florida Home Luxury Vacation

Caribbean luxury vacations can be the second option that you can choose to spend your vacation. A tropical locale like St. Barts, Barbados, or St. Lucia might rekindle the holiday spirit in you. The best part of a Caribbean Luxury vacation is returning to your very own luxury rental vacation after a day spent playing in the crystal clear waters of the British Virgin Islands or Antigua!

Hawaii luxury vacation rental houses is again an exuberating experience that you should gain once in a lifetime. Experience the blue waters of the pacific roll over the gray shores of Maui, Hawaii. Dont say one day, that day will never come! Florida Home Luxury Vacation for your next trip!

Traveling to St Lucia

St. Lucia is a volcanic island in the Windward Islands of the eastern Caribbean. The island has a couple of tops with Mt. Gimie in the central range at 3117 feet. Tropical rainforests cover the inside of the island. St. Lucia is on occasion influenced by tropical tempests and hurricanes, with the primary hurricane belt to the north. St. Lucia has a wet and dry season. The wet season starts in June and extends into December. Monthly rainfall amounts on the tidal areas of the island are about 6 to 8 inches generally. The dry season has a lot less rainfall and happens from Jan to May. Monthly totals are usually 2 – 3 inches in the dry season. Take into account that the inside tropical rainforest receives much more rain. Coastal locations have annual totals of fifty inches, while the higher mountain slopes get about 150 inches. Temperatures on St. Lucia change awfully tiny across the year.

Elevated temperatures range from the mid 80’s in the winter to higher 80’s in the summer. In an identical fashion, overnite lows don’t change much either. Winter lows generally are in the mid 70’s and summer lows in the higher 70’s. Temperatures are one or two degrees cooler on the higher slopes of the mountains. St. Lucia has a warm climate with the best probability of rain during hurricane season. The wettest months happen during late summer and autumn. Visitors wanting to attenuate their probabilities of seeing rain should travel in the late winter and early spring. g.

During this time, only about quarter to 0.33 of the rainfall happens every month matched against the wet season. Hurricanes and tropical hurricanes can also have an effect on St. Lucia, with many moving north of the island. Due to this, travelers will need to stay informed on tropical weather info, particularly in the hurricane season. St Lucia is thought of as one of the most significant island in the Caribbean.

The area is really part of the Windward Islands that’s inside fringes of the Atlantic Sea and Caribbean Sea. Also , due to the glittering spotless white sanded beaches present on the island, St Lucia vacations have gained acceptance over time. Its acceptance is clear in the volume of visitors that it get all year. The tropical rainforest, clear turquoise waters, and plush beautiful mountains are also what entrapped folk to order for a comprehensive vacation package to go to St Lucia. Similarly , among the visitors, the trend selecting an all-inclusive vacation tours is rising. This trend is also down to the proven fact that package tours supply a hassle-free holiday planning as everything that have to be organized and reserved is included in parcel. This indicates that you won’t ever have to think about overspending or late reservations because your tour package is including hotel accommodation, tickets, food and drinks, day tours, and some activities. However, take into account that there are some sports or activities that aren’t covered in your travel deal so before leave for your St Lucia vacations, ensure you understand very well what are the things included in your package.

Farah Borguez writes about Travel, Finance, and other subjects

st lucia

Farah Borguez writes about Travel, Finance, and other subjects.

Country Vacation Banglore

A sense of satisfaction and an intended feeling of excitement and leisure comes to the mind of an exploration lover who has been associated with the Country Vacations enthralled and fit to pocket holiday packages. Country Vacation has been the countrys most flourishing leisure providing firm. The Country Vacation has really helped those who used to give second thoughts before planning an adventurous and comfortable trip.
The Country Vacation makes no compromises and gives full opportunity to its customers to lead their vacation the way they want to. What the customer vision that becomes the Country Vacations vision. Country Vacation follows the Indian ethnicity. Country Vacation is the jewel of the embroidered crown of Indian hospitality. While bestowing the utmost love and care the Country Vacation Membership makes the Country Vacation distinctive from any other leisure clubs.

The Country Vacation Membership is a one time investment and you get to experience whole lot of advantages. From feasible membership fee to exploration packages Country Vacation is the established name in the family clubbing. Making history by providing incredible holiday packages to sophisticated clubs the Country Vacation has started its chain of comfort in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore or Bengaluru. Bangalore Country Vacation gives the chance to enjoy the indiscriminate beauty of the urban populated garden city. From Bangalore ethnicity to the blurring night life you can experience the perfect blend of king size hospitality only at Bangalore Country Vacation.
The Country Vacation Banglore is at a feasible distance from airport and railway station and even provides the pick and drop facility. At Country Vacation Bangalore you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and even try your hand at the most fun filled games. At Country vacation Bangalore you can rest your soul and mind by leisurely watching your family members playing volleyball and polo and can even give a kick to your dream of bathing in the crystal shining water like. The Country Vacation Bangalore makes you really feel like any other million-dollar baby. The Country Vacation Bangalore provides all the facilities to make you enjoy not even the interior beauty of the software city but also to enjoy the exteriors.

The Bangalore Country Vacation membership gives you the facility to feel the beauty of Karnataka and extend your knowledge about the sophisticated and well planned sate. At Country Vacation Bangalore you can rest your taste buds with the exotic sea food and coconut drinks. The Country Vacation Bangalore even gives you to enjoy the aromatic and soothing sessions of much talked about spa therapies. So, give yourself and family a perfect vacation only at Bangalore Country Vacation. And add yourself among the members of Country Vacation

A Checklist Before Buying Used Travel Trailer

Your retirement dreams may include traveling the country in a new travel trailer. However, these rigs can be very costly to purchase and operate. While renting is an alternative, another alternative is to purchase a used travel trailer. Used travel trailers are available on recreational vehicle sales lots. When you locate a used trailer that is right for you, you will enjoy traveling freedom without leaving a big hole in your pocket.

In general, the value of travel trailers depreciates at a very fast rate. In a year’s time or so, a travel trailer could have already depreciated considerably. This makes purchasing a used travel trailer very advantageous. A used trailer would definitely be a lot more affordable than a new one. In fact, you may be able to purchase a used mid-range or full-size, fully furnished Rv at the price of a new, small travel trailer.

But just like purchasing a new travel trailer, buying a used one also requires some thought and consideration. In fact, the odds of purchasing a pre-owned recreational vehicle may even be greater. With a little patience and the proper knowledge, however, overcoming the odds in purchasing a used travel trailer should be easy.

Examine the condition of a used travel trailer very carefully before buying it. Any pre-owned vehicle, whether it is a trailer, a car, a truck or a motorcycle, can have a normal appearance but may have mechanical issues and electrical damage. If you buy such a trailer, you may end up spending more money than you anticipated on repairs. Inspect your potential purchase well to avoid this issue.

As you walk through the trailer, turn on every switch to be sure that it works. Check every appliance as well. Inspect the water system and rest rooms to see if they are functioning as they should. Look at the motor and electrical system of the trailer. If these areas are not your forte, bring someone with you who knows about such things. Request a test-drive to determine that the trailer is in good working condition.

Careful research is the key to any good investment, including the purchase of a used travel trailer. If your RV dealer prices the vehicle you have in mind too high, you will be defeating your purpose of buying used. Pricing guides for vehicles are available both online and in print magazines and are easy to follow. Study these sources to learn about the prices of used travel trailers before you sign any papers.

Traveling with Bluetooth Devices

Traveling is always easier if you take as little with you as humanly possible. It’s always the intention while traveling to carry only to what is most necessary. This is not always an obtainable goal, especially when you are venturing into parts unknown. In addition to the usual essentials, a sizable map and navigational equipment become necessary.

With the unveiling of GPS technology, traveling with maps and huge navigational devices becomes unneeded; a traveler need only carry a GPS receiver. A GPS receiver determines one’s exact position on earth by deciphering the information it receives from GPS satellites. With the assistance of other electronic devices, the GPS receiver will precisely determine your correct location on a map.

For even more even more functions and ease of use, GPS receivers can be used with other mobile devices. The PDA is one of the most frequently used mobile products for this purpose. PDAs make the perfect partner to the GPS receiver because of their unique features, such as a colored screen to display maps and hard drive space for map storage. And PDAs are light compared to other mobile devices such as notebook computers.

There is a problem with using a PDA with a GPS device, however. They do not always integrate well. GPS receivers are normally connected to PDAs using a CompactFlash (CF) card or USB wires. Because some GPS receivers are quite large, attaching it to your PDA using CF can make it too large. Using the USB wires, however, can make your GPS receiver difficult to use and limit its usefulness.

So what could be the solution to this problem? A Bluetooth GPS reciver.

The Bluetooth Solution

Bluetooth wireless technology is the open standard for wireless communication. As long as the two electronic devices are with 10 meters of each other, Bluetooth technology will allow them to send and receive signals and transfer data. No wires are necessary.

Bluetooth GPS Recevier

The Bluetooth GPS receiver is simply a receiver that uses the Bluetooth technology and electronics to transmit GPS data to a mobile device. However, they must share the same technology. For example, if a Bluetooth GPS receiver will be used with a PDA, the PDA must have built-in Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth GPS receivers used with the Bluetooth capable PDAs offer many advantages over an ordinary GPS unit, which is connected to the PDA using CompactFlash or USB wires. These advantages include the ability to use wireless connections between the devices. Without wires to limit positioning between the Bluetooth GPS receiver and the PDA, you can place the two devices at their most advantageous locations. For example, if you are using your Bluetooth GPS receiver in your car, you can place the device where it has a clear view of the sky. Then you can place your PDA on your dashboard and have optimum screen visibility. Because the wires are not used to connect the two devices, their positioning will not hamper your driving. Also, because you won’t need to use Bluetooth’s CompactFlash slot, you can use it for other things, such as storing maps or software to optimize the GPS navigation.

Aside from these two advantages, the Bluetooth GPS receiver units have other features, although most of them are brand or unit specific. Generally, Bluetooth GPS receiver units now have pre-stored US maps, point-of-interest (POI databases and route recalculation functions.

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